Distribution of basic necessities in covid-19 times

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Contramaestre, in the province of Santiago de Cuba, like the rest of the country, carries out the distribution of basic necessities under strict control and directed according to the schedules, based on the reality imposed by Covid-19.

The Municipal Defense Council in Contramaestre studies daily and applies alternatives to bring food to the neighborhoods. These measures prevent people from crowding in shopping centers downtown, thus preventing the atmosphere favorable to the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Commerce and Gastronomy Company of this municipality sends the modules of the first need articles to the stores where the customers commonly acquire the products of the basic basket assigned to each citizen of this country through La Libreta.

On the other hand, the supply to the neighborhoods where sick people live has been careful with the Covid-19. Agricultural products, syrups, bags containing biscuits and dry sweets are sold there.

The company itself has a group of workers to bring ready-to-eat food to elderly people who live alone and who in normal times attended canteens, cafeterias, inns and other food sale centers, all belonging to the Family Assistance System (SAF).

Agustín Aguilar Ámita, deputy director of the Contramaestre’s Commerce and Gastronomy Company said:

” The municipality already has toilet soap and washing soap, which has already been distributed in several commercial areas. We are waiting for the chlorine bleach, the liquid detergent and the toothpaste to arrive.”

Aguilar Ámita explained that dairy products, specifically milk, the municipality already has enough for the next 15 days, although some sales units already have the milk of the entire month of April. And lactosoy will be available instead of yogurt for children between 7 and 13 years old. We are supporting those families in isolation with the delivery of some products such as pork and dried sweets.

The municipality authorities are daily supervising the operation of the above-mentioned distribution mechanism implemented by the Trade and Gastronomy Company in the times of the Covid-19.



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