Cuba reports 35 new cases of Covid-19

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At yesterday’s close, August 21, 1,232 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance, of which 44 were under surveillance, 668 were suspected and 520 confirmed.

For COVID-19, 4,562 samples were studied, resulting in 35 positive samples. The country accumulated 356,225 samples and 3,617 positive samples (1.02%). Therefore, at yesterday’s close, 35 new cases were confirmed, with an accumulated total of 3,617 in the country.

Of the 35 diagnosed cases, 34 are Cuban and one is a temporary resident alien. Of the confirmed cases, 30 were contacts of confirmed cases and five without a precise source of infection.

Of the 35 confirmed cases, 15 (42.9%) were men and 20 (57.1%) were women. 71.4% (25) of the positive cases were asymptomatic.



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