Rafael Alba wins Cuba’s first medal at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

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When Rafael Alba lost his first bout of these Olympic Games, many believed that he would no longer have a chance at a medal. However, his opponent’s advance to the final gave him a chance to challenge for a bronze medal. And Rafael Alba did not waste his opportunity. He is our first medalist in Tokyo.

The fight for bronze against China’s Hongyi Sun was a fight of nerves, of constant tactics, of precision.

A risk in Tokyo 2021

He came out ahead, thanks to a punch in the chest that managed to stop his rival, but in that first round he did not achieve anything else. In the second, he widened the advantage, but the beginning of the last round brought a four-point tie that made everything tense, reports Cubadebate.

With his bib and blue helmet, Rafael Alba risked everything in the last seconds of a fight that meant the moment of resurrection. A few hours ago the double world champion thought he would not be able to reach this moment.

“I saw that the opponent was close to the edge of the valid zone and I jumped in. Normally I don’t use that kind of strategy, because I can get hurt, but he who doesn’t take risks doesn’t win”, he explained, still with the Cuban flag on his shoulders.

(Taken from Juventud Rebelde)

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