Chilean people ask Piñera to seek help from Cuban doctors against Covid-19

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Santiago de Chile, June 13 (Prensa Latina) A request for the Cuban medical brigade Henry Reeve to support Chile’s specialists in combating the Covid-19 pandemic was sent to President Sebastián Piñera for a formal request, was announced today.

In the text, to which Prensa Latina had access, its promoter, the Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba, recalls that the president already had the support of doctors on the island when the state of national disaster was determined after the destruction of a vast territory of Chile by the earthquake of February 2010.

It adds that ‘today, under a health crisis produced by the world-wide Pandemic of Covid-19, our country suffers great rates of contagion, occupying lamentably the first places at Latin American level’ which has caused that the public system of health is completely on demand in its capacity of attention.

It explains that ‘the Henry Reeve Brigade has been recognized in over 50 countries for its solidarity and selfless professional dedication, greetings and thanks from the World Health Organization and various governments of the world, which has led to propose the brigade to the Nobel Peace Prize.

It also states that the brigade would only meet ‘the objective of solidarity with all health workers in Chile, who give an example of commitment and professionalism in the fight against this crisis caused by the Covid-19’.

The letter is the result of a campaign to collect signatures which began this week in Chile and which will continue in the coming days, to request the presence of Cuban doctors in this country to help confront the Covid-19 in the face of the strong expansion of the pandemic.

Under the slogan ‘A brigade for Chile, a Nobel for peace’ in a few days it accumulated almost four thousand signatures, including those of legislators, mayors, councilmen, leaders of confederations and workers’ federations, among others.

The most recent official data indicate that Chile is in third place in Latin America with more than 167,000 infected, only surpassed by Brazil and Peru, with growing rates of new infections, while the number of deaths has risen to more than 3,000.

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