Celia from Cuba forever

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Celia Sánchez Manduley is in the hearts of Cubans just like Mariana Grajales Coello, the mother of the Maceo family.

That combination of sweetness to assume the children of Cuba that she could not naturally have, made Celia a new mother for many of those born in the current generation of Cubans.

Celia, together with Fidel, with Che, with Almeida, with the thousands who followed the path of the triumphant Revolution, did with their intelligence and their hands, the perpetual work that Martí always dreamed of.

Celia, always present in the testimony of Rubí Cobas Bueno, today she turns 100 years of eternity in the heart of Cuba, forever.

“What I remember about Celia is that simplicity, that honesty, that femininity, that solidarity, the social work. I remember that in the Sierra (Master), she was locked up, surrounded by the enemies, and she got into a marabout mountain, protecting a message from the Rebel Army that she was carrying, she tore the skin of her body that was covered with blood, but she was spared from being captured. And that example of courage and fidelity to this (Cuban) Revolution should guide us in our daily work, in the fulfillment of every guideline…”

Celia will be an eternal stronghold for present and future generations of Cubans, and we will follow her imperishable example in the struggle for good.

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