Andino Mojena, a hero after fighting Covid-19 in Italy

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Osmar Andino Mojena is one of the 52 heroes – doctors who prepared to give up their lives and medical knowledge if necessary when asked to leave for Italy to help the patients of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Today, Andino Mojena is spending his statutory time in isolation in the capital city of La Pradera, with the aim of receiving the necessary medical examinations to rule out the possible infection with the new coronavirus.

Thanks to the services of Petty Officer’s Radio and the coordination of the Ministry of Public Health and journalist Juan Carlos Roque Alonso, Andino Mojena’s wife and daughter were able to establish a pleasant dialogue with this new Cuban health hero.

The conversation between the three family members and the journalist resulted in a flood of human feelings, typical of Cubans who make altruism an obligation.

He talked about his experience fighting Covid-19.

“In Italy we faced the Covid-19 for the first time, because in reality here in Cuba we received the preparation to face this disease. There we learned a lot, we acquired a very good experience of how to treat different cases, because not all patients present themselves in the same way”.

Dr. Andino Mojena arrives at Contramaestre satisfied with the work done in Crema, Lombardy, region of Italy.

“All the patients we treated at the field hospital survived and after a successful recovery returned to their families and normal life.”

This physician, who had previously had another experience outside Cuba, considers that both the Ebola he fought in Africa and Covid-19 are very complex diseases due to the complications that in most cases are caused by other patients’ sufferings.

Andino Mojena is willing to carry out any mission inside and outside the country that the Public Health Directorate indicates.

Cuba sends doctors to save lives, not soldiers to invade and kill. Cuba defends peace and detests war. Cuban doctors deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, especially for their work in 27 countries fighting the Covid-19.


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