Teachers of Tony Alomá elementary school, ready for May Day

In greeting World Proletariat Day, the workers of Tony Alomá Serrano Elementary School, in Contramaestre, fulfill their individual and collective commitments.

With the motto that will lead the patriotic parade “Unity, Commitment and Victory” as their motivation, Tony’s school teachers develop multiple initiatives with which they will show the world the results of education, achievement of the Cuban Revolution.

The Master in Education Carmen Rosa Plana Verales, who works as secretary of the union section in this student body, expressed that posters are made with revolutionary propaganda and prior to the Day of the World Proletariat, all the staff are doing voluntary work t honor the date.

Knowledge, sports and cultural encounters, as well as paying one hundred percent of the trade union membership fees and raising the quality of education are some of the initiatives of the teachers’ union to greet with dignity the coming May First.

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