Contramaestre in campaign for FEEM’s 50th anniversary

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Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba, 13 Nov.- In the municipality of Contramaestre, about eight hundred kilometers east of Havana City, the activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the   Secondary and High School Student Federation (FEEM) have already started. The campaign for such event was launched with the motivation of important historical events.

This campaign seeks to train good young people to participate more in the political, economic and social life of the region of Contramaestre, allowing the empowerment of the actions to promote the integral development of this municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba. Everything is framed in the foundational events of the FEEM whose fiftieth anniversary will be celebrated next December 6th.

At the Politécnico Ramón Ricardo Méndez Cabezón, the opening ceremony of the stage took place, containing various actions including the battle against imperialism and the Covid-19. The local student body was called upon to deploy creativity in each FEEM campus and make the period a new triumph.

Gabriela Rubio Garcés, president of the organization in Contramaestre, presented the municipal strategy under the slogan “United by dreams of the future”. Through this strategy, the members of the High School Student Federation will strengthen the organization’s operation and raise its social profile.

Among the motivations that encourage the student for the development of this campaign are the 11th Congress of the UJC, the 505th anniversary of the foundation of the village of Santiago de Cuba, the 60th birthdays of the FMC and the CDR, as well as the 152nd anniversary of the beginning of our struggles for independence, among other events.

(Taken from Teleturquino)

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