School activities in Contramaestre after a 6-month break

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Students in Contramaestre recover their school atmosphere after an extended vacation due to Covid-19, when they go back to class today to start 2020-2021 school year under a regime of measures aimed at avoiding the spreading of the coronavirus, which is now off the territory, bu it is still around in Cuba.

There are new regulations at schools to prevent the Covid-19 to spread. Parents are not allowed to enter the school to wait for their children in case they need to pick up their kids. The educators will watch the fulfillment of the new measures the students should follow: To wash their hands with soap water, to keep away from others, to wear the nasobucos, and in case of any symptom, no to come to school and visit the doctor.

Little by little Cuba is going back to normal in most of country. The majority of the schools in Cuba began their teaching activities today, and six airports have resumed their activities, and many others economic activities and services have come to their ordinary routine.


Radio Grito de Baire

Webmaster Jorge Luis Lora Moran Digital Edition Radio Grito de Baire, Contramaestre, Cuba.

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