New professionals graduate from University in Contramaestre

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The Municipal University Center (CUM) of Contramaestre carried out its twelfth graduation.The graduates dedicated their success to the 60th anniversary of Fidel and Che’s visit to the University of Oriente, the 65th anniversary of Vilma Espín’s graduation and the 61st anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The CUM awarded Yenisel Semaná Chacón, Bachelor in Accounting and Finance, the distinction of Best Integral Graduate. She was excellent in every field involved in the specialty training.

The director of the CUM MSc. Barbara Donet Olivera expressed that the current challenges for the new professionals are really complex. The situation in the country, under the siege of the Helms-Burton Act,  affects all spheres of Cuban life, she underscored.

Likewise, she emphasized the role played so far by CUM in Contramaestre on several areas, since It guarantees the appropriate training of future professionals. It supports the the community  in the educational and instructive aspects. And The CUM  actively participates in the local development projects of the municipality.

“We are in a superior level with respect to the beginnings of the creation of the municipalization of the universities, which began with the branches separated. Today, all the branches are unified. Now that concentration makes it possible to better direct the work and make better use of the potential of the staff,” said Donet Olivera.


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