High-school students in Contramaestre building a future

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Contramaestre, Oct. 28.- When on December 6, 1970, the Young Communist League (UJC) declared the constitution of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM), the revival of the student movement and its strength to organize itself better was foreseen.

On the edge of its half century of life, marked by the impact of a pandemic, the students noted the importance of their contribution; they not only assumed the teleclasses as their main task, but they also joined the food production, social assistance to the elderly living alone, among other areas.

In order to pay the right tribute to the organization, the FEEM 4 Cuba campaign was recently launched, which this year will have atypical characteristics due to the new life code of Covid 19.
Thus, the date is not limited only to the classroom space, although it stands out as the best way to celebrate, the fact of finishing the school year with successes and jealously watching over the duty of studying and training to be useful to society.

In Contramaestre, the 11 FEEM schools intend to conclude the teaching period with good results and to be part of the campaign for the 50 anniversary of the organization that holds them. Among the actions taken in the current context are the strengthening of the work in social networks, in search of greater visibility and recognition of their work.

For this occasion we worked on a special logo containing several significant elements. Among them, the colors of the flag of the solitary star and of the organization, an incomplete star that highlights the sovereignty and that what Cuba has done is not enough, the 5 pillars of the organization, besides the symbol of infinity, pointing out that Cuban students are and will be the continuity of their Revolution.

As a countdown, the young students of this southeastern municipality of Cuba are stepping forward to the half-century of their organization’s establishment, always heading uphill, enthusiastically, committed to the moment they have to live in and to continue building a future.

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