Conditions are guaranteed for coming school year

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Cuba: In spite of the difficult economic conditions that the country is undergoing, tireless efforts are being made to guarantee the necessary material resources for the start of the 2019-2020 school year, Education Minister Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella and other directors of the Ministry of Domestic Commerce and the Light Industry Business Group stated on the television program Mesa Redonda.

“Priority has been given to those school items indispensable to start a school year: notebooks, pencils, chalk, watercolors, plasticine, temperas, the teacher’s module, paper for the teacher’s and students’ work. That is guaranteed,” said Ena Elsa Velázquez.

With regard to textbooks and workbooks, 76.72% of the plan of the former has been secured so far, while 17 of a total of 52 workbooks are pending. In order to deal with this situation, guidelines have been given to the municipal and provincial directorates, taking into account the reserve in the warehouses.

“Even if the production plan is not fulfilled, we should not have sensitive effects on textbooks,” said the Minister.

A furniture repair process has been underway for several months and it should go faster at this point. Of the more than 10,000 educational institutions on the island, 1,493 are included in this year’s repair plan, a task that has the support of local governments. In the capital, the 78 centers that were affected by the tornado have been recovered.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)


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