Youth in Contramaestre committed to food production

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The production of food becomes a battle front for the youth in Cuba in order to contribute to the development of the country amidst the difficult conditions imposed by the new coronavirus.

This is how Yosmel Duany Álvarez, member of the National Bureau of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), who works in the field of education, culture and sports, highlighted in his recent visit to the municipality. He also shared with young people of the territory a productive work in areas of the UEB Aguacate, which belongs to the Agricultural Company of Laguna Blanca, main productive pole of the province of Santiago de Cuba.

During his working visit, the member of the National Bureau referred to the impact of the US blockade on the current economic scenario that the Island is going through. He pointed out the importance of maintaining the stimulation of the outstanding youth as a work system of the base committees and explained the importance of implementing correctly the hygienic measures during the period of restarting and finishing the school year.

He also extended congratulations to all the young people of Contramaestre who participated in the confrontation with the Covid-19 from the different combat posts.
The young leader declared that the UJC directs the work around the tasks that its militants support, but he added that the activities also involve those young people who do not belong to the organization but want to give their contribution, because the voluntary work being carried out is for the good of all, without distinction, as the production of food.

“In view of the situation the country is facing with the Covid-19, the young people and the people in general see it as an imperative need to give their contribution in the tasks of pre-production of goods and services for all.”


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Webmaster Jorge Luis Lora Moran Digital Edition Radio Grito de Baire, Contramaestre, Cuba.

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