Young “farmer” in Contramaestre produces food in his backyard

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Alejandro Águila Arzuaga is a 13-year- old “farmer”,  who lives in La Presa, a neighborhood of the municipality of Contramaestre, in eastern Cuba. He is fully convinced that it is necessary to plant and raise animals in his backyard, as a source of food  for his family.

The Covid-19 has generated a world economic crisis from which Cuba is not exempt, reason enough to stimulate the awareness of alternative productions in yards and plots of food necessary for the population.

This young “farmer” has it very clear, his reasons can be heard right here.

“During the pandemic I dedicated myself to growing food to make thing easier for my mother to make meals.I planted cilantro, garlic, leeks, garlic, yucca, tomatoes, chili…”

He says that the pandemic has left a low economic situation and that with what he grows he helps his family save money. He also contributes with the raising of rabbits.

“I raise rabbits because their food is easy to get, they eat just grass, while chickens, ducks and pigs eat animal fodder.

Little Alejandro leaves a message for everyone:

“On every little piece of land you have available at home, plant vegetables, crops, or raise an animal for family consumption.”

Adyanis Castillo Licea

Adyanis Castillo Licea


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