Young people inn Contramaestre are advocates of food production

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Contramaestre, Jan. 9.- The young people in this eastern municipality of Cuba, who advocate for food and goods production and services, prevented the policies of the tightened US blockade against Cuba from stopping the country. To that end, they overcame numerous real difficulties such as the shortage of raw materials, fuel and power, and they succeeded in sustaining activities that resulted in well-being for the people.

In response, they sought alternatives to overcome the limitations and move forward in response to the measures of the U.S. administration, as noted by Arianna Castro Noval, a member of the Municipal Bureau of the Young Communist League (UJC), which served the workers, workers and combatants in 2019.

the satisfactory participation in the entire 11th Congress Assembly Process of the UJC, including the Youth Zones, and the strengthening of the patriotic awareness and defense of the homeland of the young people in the sector, were among the successes with which they closed 2019.

The young workers and laborers receive the 2020, aware that the present demands from them, real participation in the struggle for productivity, power efficiency, import substitution and increased exports.

They are sure that neither blockade nor limitations will prevent the youth from defending the food and goods production and services as one of the priorities of the country. On the contrary, they will test their ability to overcome the obstacles and succeed.

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