Ordinance Task boosts urban agriculture in Contramaestre

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Urban Agriculture in the municipality of Contramaestre increases food production with the implementation of the Ordinance Task, despite the difficult economic conditions worsened by the U.S. blockade against Cuba and the scourge of Covid-19.

Luis Pantoja Suarez, Director of the said UEB Urban Agriculture and Nurseries of Contramaestre, assures: “We have looked for alternatives such as organic fertilizers and biological control, which have been extended in these houses of protected cultivation, and in a relatively short time the productions have skyrocketed”.

The manager explains that each worker is in charge of an area and that they are also experimenting by planting crops such as chili peppers, while taking advantage of the benefits of shade regulation to keep the plant beds in production all year round.

An Urban agriculture producer

In these cover houses we met Gabriel Martínez Espinosa, a producer who tells us about the benefits of staggered planting, so that ” there is food all the time because when you are finishing harvesting one, the other is ready for crop”. He tells us about his secrets in crops such as lettuce and confesses that ” lettuce is all about lots of water and weeding so that the moisture penetrates well into its roots, the rest is working tirelessly, that is what we are here for”.

With the Ordering Task in the UEB Urban Agriculture and Nurseries of Contramaestre, she has raised wages with the application of the Wage Reform. This requires, at the same time, a productive support. Hence, its director explains that “this wealth should be sought by increasing the yields per square meter. If last year we had one million three hundred thousand pesos of income, this 2021 we intend to reach six million”.

Guaranteeing workers’ salaries and feeding the people is a formula of the Ordinance Task that is applied in Contramaestre’s urban agriculture, which augurs an promising future for everyone.

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