Tobacco aroma in Contramaestre’s fields

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Contramaestre is the municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba that sows and harvests the largest amount of tobacco each year.

In the campaign 2020-2021, this province of the Cuban east must leave covered 120 hectares of the 260 planned by the company of Acopio, Beneficio y Torcido de Tabaco Santiago in the four territories that cultivate the leaf: Songo-La Maya, San Luis, Palma Soriano and Contramaestre municipalities.

In an interview to Enrique Concepción Mora, director of the Business Unit of Base Stockpiling, Benefit and Twisted of Tobacco Contramaestre, we knew that 66 producers of this crop are responsible for the sowing.

“We have to plant the 120 hectares with quality seedlings because we have to deliver 130 tons of the leaf for industrial production”.

Q: What is the situation of the areas to achieve the high volume of sowing that Contramaestre has for this campaign?

A: The areas are ready in spite of the deficiencies and limitations and that is fundamental. In many cases we have applied more than 60 percent of the use of animal traction to gain time and plant at the right time. The rest of the lands of producers who will plant more than 8 hectares are being planted with fuel and agricultural machinery.

Q: How many agricultural structures plant tobacco in Contramaestre?

A: In our municipality nine productive structures plant tobacco. Six of these correspond to Credit and Service Cooperatives (CCS) and three to Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC). The most important ones in the cultivation of tobacco are the CCS Moisés Popa and Juan Castillo and the UBPC Pinos de Baire”.

Q: What varieties of tobacco are grown in Contramaestre?

EC: Tobacco growers in this municipality mostly bet on the Corojo 2006 variety because it behaves better in our soils, its yields are high and it is resistant to drought, pests and diseases”.
Q: Is there any other type of tobacco variety in Contramaestre?

EC: Yes, here in Contramaestre some growers plant, in addition to the Corojo 2006 variety, the Corojo 2012 and Havana 2006, the latter in smaller quantities. Habana 2006 is a variety with a very fine textured leaf that can be used at some point for exports”.

Q: Can producers in Contramaestre increase the planting of tobacco varieties for export?

A: Yes, in the next campaign, 2021-2022, we will start with 6 hectares. We already have the selected producers and they have given their approval. This type of variety is demanding in terms of technology and the preparation of the tobacco grower(s) in essence. These will receive a great benefit that will be reverted in their own development of the crop and in the economy of the territory”.

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