Ordering Task: the Transport sector in Contramaestre

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Under the Task Order, authorities of the Transport in Contramaestre attended this Tuesday the local radio station Grito de Baire to answer questions of the population about the new prices in this activity, in force since January 1st of this year.

Representatives of the Basic Unit of Transport in Contramaestre, of the bus terminals, Taxi Base, the State Unit of Traffic, the union of the sector, and the State Direction of Supervision, offered details of how much is done in the territory to avoid violations to the current prices.

The main dissatisfactions of the Contramaestrians are based on the fact that the sections are not included in the new fares, the cost of the cabs to Baire and other locations, the price violations in the sector on their own account (cars, trucks, bicitaxi), the charging of the full fare to students, and the instability of the control and supervision.

Task Order  also includes Covid-19 protocol

Strict compliance with hygienic sanitary measures for the control of Covid-19 was insisted on when boarding any means of transportation and at the terminals, including compulsory use of nasobuco and hand washing, as well as reduction of the number of passengers on the buses.

The topic will be approached again this Thursday in the informative magazine Actualidades, in view of the need to answer questions related not only to the Task Ordering, but also to the measures in transport that are implemented based on the epidemiological situation that Santiago de Cuba Province and Contramaestre have today.


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