Mini-industries: for self-sufficiency of Contramaestre

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The contribution of mini-industries is essential for self-sufficiency of Contramaestre, municipality of Santiago de Cuba province. Work is being done to consolidate a network of these small factories, which will be able to make better use of the fruits and vegetables harvested in this eastern Cuban region.

At the moment, two facilities for these purposes are about to be completed in this territory, one of which is on the land of the Miguel Betancourt cooperative at 80 percent of its civil execution.

Alberto Del Toro Alarcón, president of the Miguel Betancourt Credit and Service Cooperative, narrates the difficulties they have faced in previous months to almost finish the building, where the assembly of the equipment that will process mainly guava and tomato will start soon.

Del Toro Alarcón highlighted the contribution made by the Enlace Cooperativo project, thanks to which substantial progress has been accomplished, even though the lack of material resources has limited the completion of the project.

Self-sufficiency a fact to come

The second mini-industry being built in Contramaestre is located in Bungo-La Venta district and is 65 percent of execution and it includes four lines to process vegetables and fruits with a output of 1.5 tons per hour in full production.

Ramiro del Toro Rondón, president of Niceto Pérez  Production Cooperative, in charge of carrying out this mini-industry, points out the limitations of resources such as steel that have prevented the acceleration of the completion of the future mini-industry whose name will be “La Riqueza”.

These small factories will be sources of employment for the locals, which will have a direct positive impact on plans to meet the demand for labor, especially for young people in these settlements.

A evidence of the potential of these initiatives is the “Dos Rios” mini-industry, which is already operating with a milling capacity of two tons per hour. Michel Sánchez García, Director of the “América Libre” Commercializing and Exporting Business Unit, assures that this unit is in a position to increase its production levels, even by one more shift of work, which requires higher levels of packaging to make a reasonable contribution to Contramaestre’s self-sufficiency.

Contramaestre is committed to local self-sufficiency and the mini-industries will play a decisive role in this purpose, a path that is being followed by taking advantage of the opportunities of the Ordinance Task.

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