Rain in Contramaestre delays crop sowing

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The frequent rains at the end of October and beginning of November partially stop some of the agricultural activities in Contramaestre, such as the planting of cold season crops.

Specialists of the Agrometeorological Station in this municipality of the province of Santiago de Cuba report that during the last days of October, the accumulated rainfall recorded 100.9 millimeters.

In the month of November the rains do not abandon Contramaestre. During the last three days, 56.9 millimeters were accumulated, which increased the level of humidity in the fields and prevented further progress in the planting of crops, vegetables, grains and fruits.

The agriculture in Contramaestre municipality represents more than 70 percent of the food produced in the province of Santiago de Cuba, and it is the main source of income for the province. Even though there 9 municipalities in the province.

herefore, it is important to meet the planned hectares to be sown from September to February next year in order to guarantee food production for more than half a million inhabitants of the municipalities of Santiago and about 105 thousand people of Contramaestre.

The challenge is daunting for the agricultural workers of Contramaestre, who should cover about 12,300 hectares of land during this cold season, which is optimal for the largest number of vegetable varieties.


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