Challenges of innovation in food production

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The Science and Technology Forum is a movement of innovators that stands out in Contramaestre for the contribution of its members to such varied issues as import substitution, food production, energy saving and local development.

This year, despite the adversity imposed by a pandemic that transformed our reality, the creativity and ingenuity of innovators was not affected; on the contrary, the effort to improve services and increase production multiplied.

Mirna Céspedes Cámbara, municipal secretary of the Science and Technology Forum in Contramaestre comments on the main results of the year that is about to end.

“The INIVIT was recognized as one of the best centers in 2019 and so far this year, by the generalization of its results, especially in food production. An INIVIT B50 sweet potato clone is already in production, with a yield of more than 20 tons per hectare. Also included in the innovations are results with cassava and extra-dense banana”.

“Other areas with good results in innovation are education, commerce and gastronomy. The latter with the construction of a boiler for the production of sausages in the Food Elaboration Center of America, which was built with local resources and it saves electricity because it works with coal and firewood…”

Céspedes Cámbara also referred to the Citrus Company, which is using bio-fertilizers, bio-stimulants, in function of food production, eliminating at the same time, the use of chemicals for a better health of the consumers.

Finally she mentioned the Buenaventura beans variety produced by Laguna Blanca Agricultural Company, with a very high yielding.




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