Honey for export, new challenge in Contramaestre

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Honey benefiting is a great commitments  in 2021 for the workers of the Base Business Unit of the Contramaestre Honey and Wax Processing Plant, the only one of its kind in the eastern region of Cuba.

In February the planned figures exceed 250 tons of this natural product to be processed mainly for export.

Leonardo Fuentes Nassif, head of production in the Contramaestre agricultural industry said that the Plant benefits the product coming from beekeeping enterprises in the provinces of Granma, Las Tunas, Holguin, Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba.

Honey and wax sheets

The production of wax sheets is another economic-productive indicator of this center. In the second month of the year, 400 boxes are planned, while the figures for 2021 should exceed 4 thousand.

The processing of honey for export from the Contramaestre industry requires rigorous observance of international quality standards for its commercialization abroad.

At the end of this year, the plant aims to process more than 3,200 tons for various destinations, with the international market as a top priority.

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