Cuba’s largest grain processing plant in Contramaestre ready for start-up

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After several months of intense construction and assembly work, the grain processing plant in Contramaestre is ready for start-up. As a result, a group of workers and specialists have been in charge of putting the finishing touches to the largest industry of its kind in Cuba.

To take on all the corn and beans from the productive pole of Contramaestre and part of the eastern region of the country. The team of specialists has faced and overcome the difficulties and they have come to this moment with a complete mastery of the operation of the machinery.

This has been described by Armando Luis Capote Paneque, Director of the Contramaestre Grain Plant, who assures that “we can say that the machinery is ready to process 120 tons per day and work all month long”.

Some of Contramaestre’s most experienced operators work in the industry. This is the case of Norberto López Zaldívar, Head of Maintenance, who assures that his previous experience has been very useful: “… I come from the América Libre sugar mill and my experience of many years working there has allowed me and my colleagues to adjust the machinery so that not a single kernel of corn is lost”.

This Business Unit has contracted the production of 42 agricultural structures and is negotiating with others in Guantánamo province.Engineer Oscar Rosales Venticuaba, head of the corn line at UEB Granos Contramaestre, says that this is a guarantee for the accomplishment of the industry’s plans.

Grain plant reduces import

Once the corn is processed, it is delivered to a local feed mill, completing the production chain with quality. “This is a benefit first and foremost for the producers…”, explains Rosales Venticuaba, “…since it humanizes the drying of the corn, but also saves them labor costs and, best of all, the quality of the drying is incomparably better”. The production of animal feed also benefits, since the volumes of imported raw material are reduced, guaranteeing food for the region’s livestock development plans.

After the first rigorous tests, the Contramaestre grain treatment plant, with an investment of six million five hundred thousand pesos, is about to start working at full capacity.


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