Food self-sufficiency in Contramaestre from the grassroots level

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Local food self-sufficiency is today a priority task in agriculture in the municipality of Contramaestre as in all other Cuban territories.

This policy involves various links ranging from the municipal and local government, agriculture and its enterprises, the cooperative sector and the farmer or producer.

Each link requires an objective contracting at the foot of the furrow, hectare by hectare according to the cultivable land fund, to which crops are added by varieties according to the time of the year: winter or spring.

It happens that not always the crop is of optimum quality in all its dimension and the harvest does not reach what was planned, due to different causes.

Food self-supply a great challenge

For the local food self-supply to be achieved and to be sustainable, it is necessary to have projected producer to producer, agricultural structure or company how and where the 30 pounds per capita of food per inhabitant will be achieved, be it viands, vegetables, grains and fruits every month.

Contramaestre, like all Cuba, suffering the negative effects of the Covid-19, of the tightening of the US blockade against the island, and under all the transformations that the Ordinance Task implies, struggles to develop its agriculture and to achieve at some point to produce all the food that 105 thousand inhabitants need for their full satisfaction in this sense.


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