Agricultural project to promote food production in eastern Cuba

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Contramaestre is one of the two municipalities in the province of Santiago de Cuba that in 2021 is implementing an agricultural project to promote food production, with the technical and scientific advice of agronomists from the Technology Dissemination Station based in this territory and under the National Research Institute of Tropical Viands in Cuba (INIVIT).

The companies Agroindustrial America Libre in Contramaestre and Agroforestal in the municipality of San Luis are the entities where the project entitled Sustainable development of tropical viands, pumpkin and papaya is being implemented.

This project will be implemented in both municipalities of Santiago for a period of four years, while the researchers plan to extend it to other agricultural enterprises in the Tercer Frente Mario Muñoz Monroy and in the Cautillo locality in the province of Granma.

The agronomist engineers and technicians of INIVIT’s Diffusion Station in Contramaestre have 20 years of experience in the implementation of agricultural projects in the five eastern provinces in the interest of food for the people.

The professionalism and extensive experience of this group allows them to select lines of research in eastern Cuba to contribute to the sustainability and competitiveness of production chains in roots, rhizomes and tubers.

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