Farmers in Contramaestre prepare the land for spring planting

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More than 11,500 hectares are to be planted by farmers in the municipality of Contramaestre in the Santiago de Cuba province, during the spring campaign that runs from March to August each year.

Several crops will be planted in the areas of the three companies of the sector in the territory: Laguna Blanca Farming, America Libre Agroindustrial Company and Rolando Ayud Elías Coffee Processing Company.

Among the crops to be planted are cassava, plantain in different varieties, sweet potato, among others.

Farmers face intense drought

The spring crop planting campaign in Contramaestre was preceded by an intense drought that caused delays for several days during the month of March. However, several strategies are being implemented in areas where there are possibilities of irrigation or favorable humidity after the rains to promote agricultural activity.

If the 11,500 hectares are planted in the spring campaign, agriculture in Contramaestre will be able to guarantee a large part of the food for the second half of this year, which will be destined to the more than 106,000 inhabitants of this municipality and the city of Santiago de Cuba with more tan a million people.

Agriculture in Contramaestre has more than 60 percent of its farmland in dry land (without irrigation systems), hence the importance of getting the most out of the moisture that can be generated by the rains from March to August.

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