Farmer Arnaldo’s empathy in the time of Covid-19

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With people like Arnaldo Santiesteban Infante, hope for a world with better human beings is nurtured. Arnaldo is a farmer from the José Ángel Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS) in Los Negros District, Contramaestre municipality, which is involved in raising livestock.

From his daily production, he decided to donate five liters of milk daily to the Area Defense Council and from there the milk is distributed to children, sick people and social cases that need it.

In these times of Covid 19 acts like this farmer Arnaldo are a sign of sensitivity, awareness and responsibility, worthy of admiration and recognition.

Santiesteban Infante believes that what he is doing “is not a feat, but a fair identification with the situation caused by the pandemic, and as the country cannot supply in the way that occurs in normal times, we must help each other here with what we can”.

This is how the inhabitants of this eastern territory are coping with Covid-19 and surviving in the difficult conditions imposed by the presence of this pandemic.

Adyanis Castillo Licea

Adyanis Castillo Licea


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