Cuba will have its first technology park

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Havana, July 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is working on the implementation of its first technology park at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), in this capital, to export goods and services with high added value, was announced today.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex), Rodrigo Malmierca, reported this during a meeting with deputies of the Economic Affairs Commission of the Cuban Parliament.

He said that the island should strengthen its export vocation, and to do so it has to increase and diversify products and destinations.

Promote new exportable poles, industrial parks, science and technology parks, and special economic zones are among the government’s plans, he added.

He said that in order to increase exports of professional services, individual hiring will be made more flexible.

Malmierca explained that 80 percent of exports are services, particularly doctors who account for 68 percent of the total.

They also include tourism (26 percent), telecommunications (six percent), education, culture, sports, technical assistance, among others.

He indicated that 20 percent of exports come from products such as biopharmaceuticals, rum, tobacco, sugar, etc..

It was a weakness that 10 percent of the products are 90 percent of exports, which he explains the need to diversify them given the high concentration of the market and export modalities.

The Minister acknowledged that the country lost export capacity in several products, including citrus fruits, mineral fertilizers, cocoa beans, various seeds, and prefabricated buildings.

He pointed out that the blockade applied by the United States is the greatest obstacle to national development, although he also cited internal limitations that affect the ability to export.

In this regard, he mentioned industrial and technological obsolescence and the lack of financial mechanisms to support exports, among others.

But he assured that there are potentialities such as human capital, goods and services with industrial recognition and export capacities at the border.

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