Cuba reaches 4 million tourists

Havana, Cuba. – Cuba’s Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero Cruz, announced in his Twitter profile that this Wednesday the figure of 4 million international visitors to the country so far this year was reached.

In his message, he recalls that this number is completed despite the intensification of the blockade of the United States that directly impacts Cuban tourism, and with the slogan: Let’s go for more! reaffirms the certainty of continuing to grow in the sector.

The figure of 4 million visitors was reached one day later with respect to 2018, and it is achieved amidst tensions in the face of the growing obstacles interposed by Washington to slow down Cuba’s tourist development.

The guarantee of a safe destination and the diversity of its products are attractive offered by our country, whose hotel plant already has more than 72 thousand rooms.

(Taken from Radio Raloj in Spanish)

Radio Grito de Baire

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