Cuba generates 40 percent of exports in agriculture

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Havana, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) Forty percent of the exports of goods in Cuba are generated by the Agrifood sector, said today the general director of Foreign Trade of Mincex, Vivian Herrera.

In her twitter account, the official of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex) emphasized the importance of this sector and urged to work to obtain better results in order to promote the diversification of sales abroad.

She also informed that contracts are already being prepared between the non-State forms of management and the foreign trade companies for the export and import of their goods and services.

Herrera reminded that these actions are inserted in the recently approved Economic and Social Strategy of Cuba to promote the development of the country.

The strategy has among its principles the implementation of the forms of management and ownership, together with the redimensioning of the business and non-State sectors, as well as the adequate relationship between them.

Likewise, the centralized planning, the promotion of national production and the banishment of the import mentality, the regulation of the market, the complementarity of the economic actors: self-employment, the non-state sector, the cooperatives and the state enterprises.

Coupled with this, the dynamic role of domestic demand for the economy as the driving force behind its links with productivity, investment, job creation and use of these needs in terms of the country’s productive growth.

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