Contramaestre will exceed one million liters of milk this year

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More than a thousand farmers in the territory produce milk in 24 different ways, both in sugarcane and non-sugarcane agriculture.

When there are three months left to the end of this year, the animal farmers of the Cattle Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) La Mantonia in the 16 farms seek not to lower their guard in this indicator to crown the triumph in this quarter.

According to Luis Enrique Brook Gómez, administrator of the Contramaestrian productive structure, this unit is the one that produces more milk in the whole territory. It will be easy to reach the more than 201 thousand liters of milk contracted this year.

The UBPC La Mantonia is an example of diversification of production in search of a stronger economy that benefits workers and the municipal economy. The hectares of land that make up the Mantonia farm show that cattle raising is the predominant social objective, but vegetables, tropical foods, grains (rice, corn and beans), sugar cane and fruits are also grown.

In addition, this Contramaestrian livestock cooperative develops aquaculture and the production of various animal species such as sheep and pigs. The immediate objective will be the birds to obtain eggs for food.

To extend the experiences of the UBPC livestock La Mantonia from Contramaestre in the diversification, should be the route to follow by the direction of the Empresa Agroindustrial America Libre to consolidate food production in favor of local and territorial self-supply.

Photo Meycis Rodríguez González


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