Contramaestre starts cutting sugar cane

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Contramaestre, Jan. 3.- The cane cutters in this municipality in eastern Cuba, start their work to guarantee the raw material for sugar production in the 2020 harvest. By trimming the crop, storing it on time, a high level of efficiency in the industrial process can be achieved.

The municipality of Contramaestre in Santiago de Cuba province is expected to contribute more than 1,500 tons of sugarcane to the Dos Ríos sugar mill in the municipality of Palma Soriano, according to Jorge Fernández Díaz, head of the sugarcane harvest in Santiago de Cuba province.

América Libre sugar mill in Contramaestre will not be working this year because it is undergoing capital repair, which is why its sugarcane will be moved to Palma Soriano.

José Angel Labrada Castillo, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Contramaestre, attended the evaluation of the sugarcane harvest for each area of work in the sector, carried out at the América Libre agricultural producers’ base business unit.


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