Contramaestre on its way to food self-sufficiency

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In July of this year, new signs in favor of self-sufficiency of the more than 106,000 inhabitants who reside in Contramaestre revealed the statistical figures of the program of 30 pounds of food per capita.

Geramel Dominguez Ferran, director of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Crops Warehouse Contramaestre, said that in the seventh month of 2019 increased the control system of food, vegetables, grains and fruits contracted and harvested by cooperatives.

And is that Contramaestre is an eminently agricultural municipality, where more than 60,000 hectares are used for food production. It also has branches or key sectors such as swine breeding, poultry, cattle raising, tropical crops, coffee, honey, forestry, citrus, fruit, among others.

In addition to this good news, starting in August, 5 kilos of per capita meat per inhabitant will be added to this local self-sufficiency program. This requires a greater pork production, livestock and poultry to get the food transiting a path sustained as the highest aspiration of the government in this part of eastern Cuba.

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