The mountains are transformed in Contramaestre for its inhabitants

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This May 2, Cuba commemorates the 34th anniversary of the creation of the Turquino Plan, a program that has transformed the mountains in favor of its inhabitants.

In the municipality of Contramaestre there are 16 population settlements in five Popular Councils where 10,300 people live and the main production is coffee as an economic activity.

Several strategies have been directed by the government in this territory of the eastern region of Cuba to develop the mountainous massifs contained in the agreement 8965 of the Council of Ministers and analyzed in the eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

In Contramaestre, progress has been made in the development of coffee production, which will increase in the coming years, health and education programs are being maintained and progress is being made in local self-sufficiency.

On the occasion of this 34th anniversary of the Turquino Plan, the coffee processing company Rolando Ayud Elías is promoting the construction of rustic houses for the production of vegetables, the sowing of food and the cultural attentions to the plantations in order to reach 470 tons in the 2021-2022 harvest.

In salute to this event, Contramaestre is working on the improvement of roads through road brigades, although local transportation to the highlands is still affected.

In spite of the impact caused by the intensification of the U.S. blockade of the island and Covid-19, the government policy of transforming and developing Contramaestre’s mountains continues, thereby raising the standard of living of producers and families in our mountains.


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