Contramaestre: more voltage in saving, less power use

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The inhabitants of Contramaestre look at more voltage in the savings of electricity and fuel, so they get less use of electricity, a task that cannot be postponed given the scarcity of oil in the country.

It is necessary to respond to the strict fulfillment of the indications issued by Cuban State about the current energy situation, taking into account the words “Think as a country” of our president, Miguel Díaz Canel.

In Contramaestre, all entities, companies, budgeted units, establishments and other government agencies have to have a daily self-reading register to evaluate the levels of power use, without allowing consumption beyond the readjusted figures.

Due to the negative impact of the unjust blockade of the North American government against the Cuban people, a follow-up of the lights on and off is also being carried out in this territory, not to allow by any chance an increase of billings above the approved plans.

The indications foreseen for power carrier savings also point to the Non-approval of eventual activities or services without prior conciliation of the approved plans for weekend recreational options.

Special monitoring is offered by the basic electrical organization to the reading frequency of the meters of those entities that due to the fulfillment of their social object are high consumers of electrical energy.

Similarly, the use of energy carriers is the subject of weekly analysis in the municipal energy council. On the other hand, the entity of the electric company works continuously in the detection of the violations inherent to the consumption of electricity.



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