Contramaestre’s Government approved working guidelines for 2021

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The government in Contramaestre, municipality of Santiago of Cuba province, approved the working guidelines to be carried out in 2021 by the five Permanent Commissions of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, two of which have a professional role: agro-food and industrial, as well as paperwork and services.

The systematic deployment of control actions for the implementation of the Guidelines of the New Strategy for Economic and Social Development and the tasks framed in its 16 key areas, stands out as one of the priority challenges for this organ in this stage, which demands constant accompaniment in the search for solutions to the people’ s problems.

Taking into account the current scenario, it is necessary to focus on the autonomy of each municipality, and to incorporate all the potentialities that favor the fulfillment of the physical items, in particular those that decide on the guarantees for the food and living standards of the people, since this is an essentially agricultural municipality.

Contramaestre and its Integral Improvement Plan

According to Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Alfaro, president of the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power of Contramaestre, ¨, in terms of government action, it was approved to promote the fulfillment of the seven objectives contained in the local government’s Integral Improvement Plan, in order to strengthen the leadership of the grassroots delegates in the 161 districts where they exercise competence and the level of attention to the proposals of their respective population¨.

Likewise, government execution in 2021 will focus on making more effective fulfillment of the policy of training cadres, both those elected and those appointed and preparing their reserves, in the light of Instruction 1 of the Council of State and Ministers, which seeks to make the planning of the objectives and activities of the local administrations of the People’s Power more effective.

In the new work stage, it is of special interest for the government of Contramaestre to accompany the people in the course of the Ordering Task and in the attention to the main doubts and problems that could arise, besides the confrontation to the abusive and speculative prices, as the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, summoned.


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