Investment in irrigation system in Contramaestre (+Photos)

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Food production in Contramaestre is experiencing a boost with the implementation of a decisive investment in the irrigation system of the agricultural enterprise of Laguna Blanca, the main agricultural pole of the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Fulgencio Martínez Macías, deputy director of the Contramaestrian agricultural entity affirms that this work is determinant to increase productive yields in 932 hectares that benefit from different irrigation techniques.

“Irrigation in our company is not at its best moment. Now it is even worse because we are immersed in this strategic investment in the desander of the Cauto River, in Arroyo Blanco de Uvera where the pumping system is located.”

“We have installed 29 electric Pibot machines that allow us to irrigate 30 percent of the arable areas of this company, which has a land fund of 8 006.14 hectares for the production of viands, vegetables, grains and fruits.”

Contramaestre assessing irrigation in 2020

The year 2020 was a year of many complexities in terms of production for the workers of the Agricultural and Livestock Company of Laguna Blanca in the municipality of Contramaestre.

The first four months were marked by an intense follow-up, followed by an inactivity in the investment in the pumping system because the equipment had to be purchased abroad.

The main destination of the food obtained in the Contramaestrian agricultural company is the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, where more than half a million people live.

The problem with the irrigation pumps for the benefit of hundreds of agricultural hectares in this rural area of Contramaestre also affects the water service to the community of the Laguna Blanca District where more than 7 thousand inhabitants live, mainly in the settlement El Cuartelito.

The year 2020 has been a year that against all odds, first because of the drought and then the intense rains caused by Tropical Storm ETA, which the farmers of the Laguna Blanca company managed to cope with.

The focus was always on planting, growing crops and marketing food in a city where Covid-19 had its impact as well as the US economic, commercial and financial blockade that intensified its measures against the island as never before.

The solution at the doorstep for a better irrigation system

More than 700,000 pesos are being allocated for this investment in the pumping system for irrigation of the agricultural company of Laguna Blanca, to which another not inconsiderable amount is added for the cost of the necessary engines that the country has acquired.

Since January 27 this year, three brigades have been working on the construction of the work objects that will make it possible to resume pumping for irrigation.

The workdays are intense, the effort of the men is gigantic. There is no time for rest as long as there is daylight. At night, the artificial lights are sometimes an accomplice to progress.

When the investment in the central pumping system for the irrigation of the agricultural company of Laguna Blanca in Contramaestre is completed, it will crown a decisive stage for men and women with greater application of science and technique to obtain high yields in favor of food.


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