Contribution of farmers in Contramaestre is acknowledged

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With superior but still unsatisfactory results in food production, more than 3,600 peasants from the municipality of Contramaestre arrived at the 60th Anniversary of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in this eastern Cuban municipality.

This organization in the territory is made up of 34 grassroots organizations, including 27 Credit and Service Cooperatives and seven Agricultural Production Cooperatives.

The men and women of the farming sector in Contramaestre represent various branches of the agricultural sector and their lands are used for the production of coffee, sugar cane, tropical viands, fruits, tobacco, pigs, livestock and beekeeping.

On May 17, Cuban Farmers’ Day, more than 100 ANAP members in Contramaestre received the organization’s 60th Anniversary Award, a one-time prize granted by the organization’s National Bureau.

As part of the celebration, the National Vanguard status was given to the Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) Niceto Pérez García and Ricardo Peña Garcés, one of its farmers.

The Romárico Cordero Garcés Award was given to Rosa María Cedeño Frías, economist of the sugar cane CPA Victoria de Girón (“Victory of the Bay of Pigs“) for her uninterrupted performance for more than 20 years in the organization.


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