Commercial Unit Refurbished in Pueblo Nuevo

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The department store is the most important commercial center in the Pueblo Nuevo district of Contramaestre municipality, in view of those who pass by on Cuba’s Central Road, which was closed for several months.

This commercial unit was severely damaged by a tornado, and because of the crisis the country is going through, it was not until February 12 that it resumed its service to consumers, after a capital reconstruction.

At present, locals and visitors enjoy the mixed services offered by the store, which plays an important social role by bringing basic products to the people who live in this village.

Anayirkis Naranjo Almarales, administrator of the store, argued about the quality of the work ¨(…) it has been a resounding change because, although some details still need to be finished…”

Four hundred and one consumers and 167 families will get the basic food basket in this unit. This service was not previously provided and now the community can purchase it as of this March.


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