Coffee harvest in Contramaestre coming up

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The coffee harvest in Contramaestre, a municipality in the south-east of Cuba, officially begins these days, said agronomist Yaritza Riquenes Corrías, assistant director of production at the Rolando Ayud Elías coffee processing company.

In the 15 coffee cooperatives in the territory, the conditions for harvesting the beans have been created. For the 2020-2021 stage, it is planned to collect more than 434 tons of both the Arabica and Robusta varieties, the latter being the most predominant variety in the plantations.

During the harvesting stage, the two existing wet processing industries in this municipality, located in the mountainous towns of La Torcaza and Los Negros, respectively, are involved in the process, while the dry processing corresponds to another unit responsible for the industrial treatment of coffee for both export and domestic consumption by agricultural companies in Granma and Santiago de Cuba.

This week, the counter-masters will specify each one of the activities to be carried out before the beginning of the coffee harvest; the purpose is that the chain of harvesting, transportation and processing in both modalities is free of interruptions and gain in efficiency.

Coffee is one of the main economic items in the municipality of Contramaestre. Each year it allows for high income from the processing of the grain for export and other national destinations.


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