Coffee processing from the East of Cuba to the world

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Rolando Ayud Business Unit in Contramaestre municipality processes 60% of this coffee produced in Cuba for various destinations, and it has new goals for 2021.

Osnardo Fuentes Guerra, director of the agricultural industry of the chery processing company in Contramaestre said that in January the plan amounts to 220 tons directed entirely to the state demands.

With the beginning of the economic ordering in Cuba, the industrial unit of beans benefit in this municipality, resumes the purchases of the grain in eleven coffee companies of   Granma and Santiago de Cuba provinces.

Coffee for exportation

Engineer Fuentes Guerra added that from February onward, the benefit will start for exportation, one of the main destinations of the three existing ones in the commercialization.

In the East of Cuba there are three of the four industries that benefit this grain, so this region is considered as the biggest producer of the exportable line in the island.

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