Cigar makers respond to trade union call

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How are tobacco growers in the Los Negros District working to respond to the call of the National Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Trade Union?

Ana Lilia Valdés, director of the Business Unit of the Rolled Cigar Base in this territory of Contramaestre reveals it with the declarations to Radio Grito de Baire.

Being this another challenge and a duty that the factory contracts in its three production lines: breva, crema and peticetro for national consumption.

Its young group of 69 workers is recognized by the efficiency that supports the distinction of National Vanguard, reached for the third time in April and the category of Outstanding since 2013 in an uninterrupted way at the level of provincial company.

Adyanis Castillo Licea

Adyanis Castillo Licea


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