Ciego de Avila solar parks make important contribution to electric grid

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The National Electric System was favored from August 2017 to date, with about 34 thousand megawatt-hours of renewable energy produced by the three solar photovoltaic parks operating in the central province of Ciego de Avila.

According to the Cuban News Agency, this figure represents a savings of some 9 thousand tons of fuel and 29 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, not emitted into the atmosphere.

Experts assure that the three parks are running smoothly and keep production stability.

Tatiana Amarán, director-general of electricity at Cuba’s Ministry of Energy and Mines, said that photovoltaic solar energy is one of the clean energy sources in the country, showing more progress.

By July 2019, 65 solar parks were operating island-wide, and another 15 were in the pipeline, which would increase the installed capacity by 42 megawatts.

Radio Grito de Baire

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