Covid-19: Aluminum beds are produced in Contramaestre for Covid-19 patients 1

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For the noble and sensitive task of producing beds to support the fight against Covid-19, it is satisfying to hear the powerful noise of the work instruments of the Pedro Alcides Heredia Industrial Components Workshop located in the Santiago municipality of Contramaestre and belonging to the Cuban Aluminum Enterprise.

Some thirty workers assemble beds with slow-moving profiles to expand the hospital capacities of medical institutions and isolation centers in the eastern province, a much-needed contribution when Covid-19 imposes one of the most difficult scenarios in its confrontation.

Aluminum workers to build 300 beds for Covid-19 patients

Rolando Yero Aguilar, head of the workshop, assures that although 40 beds have already been delivered, there is an aspiration to assemble some 300 beds with aluminum profiles, highly resistant and with quality, which can also be easily disinfected without suffering damages, after being used by patients with Covid-19.

Together with members of the ANIR of the workshop, three prototypes of beds that are durable and comfortable for the doctor and patient during medical care have already been designed.

This is how the workers of the Pedro Alcides Heredia Industrial Components Workshop, located in Contramaestre, support the fight against the pandemic in the province of Santiago de Cuba.


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