Reorganizing agriculture to strengthen the Socialist enterprise

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The Order Task in the agriculture in Contramaestre, one month after its implementation, has had a favorable impact from the productive bases to food commercialization.

As never before, the contracting of the productions set a guideline of what is sown by crop, according to the season and what is available to be marketed for food to various destinations; but there is still much to be done.

The interest of producers to diversify crops, to cover every hectare of land, to apply science and technology, and to achieve high agricultural yields are realities that today are applied with more intentionality from the cooperative.

Agriculture, source of employment

The economic and social reorganization in the agriculture of this territory is today a wide source of employment, taking into account that the economy of this municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba is based on the agricultural sector.

In a short time of the application of this policy in Contramaestre, producers, cooperatives and entrepreneurs seek to be efficient on the basis of higher productive volumes.

To achieve this, they gain in responsibility, savings, in how to grow with the least possible expense and in obtaining individual and collective economic sustenance from the land, because the country needs it.

The positive aspect of the economic order in the agricultural sector of Contramaestre is summarized in a greater strengthening of the socialist State Enterprise.


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