Demonstrations of support for Cuba continue around the world

The Day of Solidarity with Cuba, with caravans of cars and bicycles, rallies, cultural meetings and debates on social networks, is taking place in several cities of the United States and other countries.

San Francisco, Washington, New York, Chicago, Albuquerque and Minnesota joined in the initiative promoted by solidarity groups, Cuban residents and the Bridges of Love project, which began on Saturday in Bristol, Troy, Boston, Los Angeles and Victoria.

According to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), car and bicycle caravans in support of the island were also reported this Saturday in Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada.

The call for the initiative “From Australia to Cuba with Love” was launched, consisting of walks in different locations in the country until covering a distance similar to that which separates it Cuba.

Solidarity with Cuba in Latin America

Likewise, in Latin America, solidarity groups from Venezuela, Paraguay, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil carry out activities in support of the island’s right to sovereignty and independence in the face of US aggression.

European activists from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Finland and Germany are also participating in this weekend’s “We Have Memory” day, convened by ICAP against terrorism and the blockade.

Since September, the initiative has brought together the international movement of solidarity with Cuba in a common claim against the blockade on the island.

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