When genetics is stronger than the US blockade

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Havana, Cuba. – The Cuban National Center for Medical Genetics has suffered for decades the US blockade, which has limited the availability of laboratory equipment, computer programs and reagents of US origin.

Yudelkis Benítez Cordero, deputy director of the Center, explained that these obstacles affect the development of the national program for diagnosis, management and prevention of genetic diseases and congenital defects, but they have not prevented the relevant activities from being carried out every day.

Cuba uses molecular biology reagents of U.S. origin for different diagnoses, but these are to be acquired in third countries, which increases the cost and time of arrival.

The National Center for Medical Genetics treats diseases such as psyche, hemophilia, neurofibromatosis and other chromosomal diseases such as Down’s Syndrome, in addition to congenital defects of multifactorial origin.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)


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