Vilma, the light that never ends

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The stars that illuminated the paths taken by an illustrious walker of freedom and the future are still shining: Vilma Espín, unforgettable heroine of the country. Today, with our daily work, we Cubans honor her on her birthday.

Vilma’s trajectory, like the frozen footprint of a meteorite, marked Cuba’s history forever. She was of invisible light on the gates and corners of the clandestine war in the city of Santiago de Cuba, under the direction of Frank País, while the olive-green guerrillas, led by Fidel Castro, defied the tyrannical evildoer in the thicket of the Sierra Maestra.

Once the evil of the Homeland was overthrown, the Heroine forged the luminous path of the Cuban women, who had suffered from the absence of rights and freedom. She founded and directed until her physical farewell the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and she was a sort of ambassador of the Cuban experience, to the so many places she visited around the world.

Next to Fidel and Raul (the latter her life partner), she offered all her efforts to the perfection of the Cuban society with imperishable achievements such as the presence of women in all areas of national life.

Vilma brings to our memory many other women who joined men in the struggles for emancipation of the oppressed: Mariana Grajales, Aidé Santamaría, Melba Hernández, Celia Sánchez, Clara Zetkin, Angela Davis, plus those who remained anonymous, but the work without a name remembers them.




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