The US wants to wipe out the imperishable example of the Cuban Revolution

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Designating Cuba as country sponsor of terrorism is one more maneuvers paving the way to justify further actions against the island with the pretext of fighting the mentioned scourge, in an attempt to wipe the example of the Cuba Revolution.

There is a long story to tell about all the frustrated plans orchestrated by the CIA and Miami based counterrevolutionary Cuban-American bands supported by the US government, such as the disastrous and discreditable Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, which ended in the first defeat of imperialism in Latin America.

Sabotage, introducing plagues and diseases, planning the killing of Fidel Castro, were parts of all the huge plan to overthrow the Cuban Revolution. The inhumane economic and financial blockade, which was officially set up in1962, increasingly tightened, reaching the cruelest expression in the last four years during Trump administration.

The US government protected and never judged Luis Posada Carriles after leading the planting of a bomb on a Cubana aircraft in Barbados in 1976, killing 73 innocent people aboard, including 57 Cubans.

In 1990 the terrorist Raúl Ernesto Cruz León, was trained by Luis Posada Carriles and sent to Cuba to plant bombs in hotels, one of them killed the Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo, once again the White House ignored the act.

US government imprisoned the Five

In the face of this terrorism, the Cuban Five peacefully infiltrated criminal exile groups in Miami to prevent further terrorist acts against the island. After turning over the results of their investigation to the Cuban government and the FBI, instead of working with Cuba to fight the scourge, the US government arrested and convicted the five men to unfounded charges related to national security, when the Five never had access to confidential information of the sort, and that was not their mission either.

On the other hand, Every year for 27 consecutive years, the United Nations General Assembly has called on the United States to lift the blockade, which has cost Cuba in excess of $ 1 trillion.

To date, 55 medical Henry Reeve  brigades have assisted the efforts of 40 countries in their fight against Covid-19, treating more than 1,90,790 people.

Every year Cuba reports one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the continent, only compared to developed countries, figures that are no less transcendent because they reflect the political will of the Cuban State and its health system to preserve the lives of all pregnant women, postpartum women and infants in the country.

At the end of 2020, a year that tested the health capacities of governments around the world, the Directorate of Medical Records and Statistics of the Ministry of Public Health reports, as preliminary data, that 105,030 children were born on the island, 4,686 less than the previous year, and the nation recorded an infant mortality rate of 4.9 per 1,000 live births, 36 fewer deaths than the previous year.

So, is there any reasonable facts for the former US president to designate Cuba as country sponsor of terrorism? There’s none!


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