US cities protest against blockade on Cuba

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US cities are protesting on Sunday in a caravan of bicycles and cars against the blockade, and in favor of building ‘bridges of love’ between the two countries.

The demonstrations against the illegal policy adopted by US Governments include such cities as Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, representing the entire country.

The protests began in the morning in Miami and should conclude in the afternoon in another event in Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington, northwestern United States.

According to organizers, the ‘Bridges of Love’ project, in which US citizens and Cuban-Americans are participating, will issue a press release, images and videos on local media, after the event is over.

They are available on social media with the hashtags #NoMoreBlackade #UnBlockCuba and #PuentesDeAmor.

A year ago, the group organized a similar caravan from Seattle to Washington DC.

On Saturday, the groups that are members of the Miami-based Marti Alliance Coalition condemned the subversive campaign against the Cuban people and Government as an old custom directed and financed by organizations with a deep-rooted counterrevolutionary trajectory based in the United States.

The group accused the participants in the January 27 provocative action against the Ministry of Culture in Havana of staging a media reality show. ‘Our country has always had its traitors,’ the press release from the Marti Alliance Coalition stressed.

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